Awards Criteria

Firstly we would like to thank our sponsors from 2018, we could not have successfully implemented this awards programme without you all. We see sponsors being an integral part of this growth opportunity, to lift the profile of the industry, to be inclusive in taking the industry forward and to be the catalyst of the development and management of the EWC Forestry Awards.

It is important to us that the forestry and service industries get behind this programme to enhance and promote the event. We will ensure that supporting sponsors will receive naming rights to each category and will be well recognised throughout the publicity and promotion all the way. And more than anything, we need to ensure that we are all taking the same path to growth and sustainability.

Eastland Wood Council Skilled Professional of the Year recognises an individual for leading in their field of expertise, demonstrating excellence in professional skills, attitude & attributes recognised by their peers and employers and of genuine good character.

To be eligible for this award the individual must have been awarded with any of the following certificates from this EWC Forestry Awards:

  1. Forestry Excellence Award
  2. Roading Excellence Award
  3. Harvesting Excellence Award
  4. Distribution Excellence Award
  5. Wood Processing Excellence Award
  6. Construction Excellence
  7. Faller Excellence
  8. Pavement Excellence

Training Excellence

NZ Apprentice of the Year
- Certificate

Trainee of the Year
- Certificate

Training Company/Contractor of the Year
- Certificate

Skilled Professionals

Forestry Excellence Award (Individual – establishment, silviculture, fire)
- Certificate

Roading Excellence Award (individual)
- Certificate

Harvesting Excellence Award (Individual)
- Certificate

Distribution Excellence Award (Log truck drivers, dispatch, Port Workers)
- Certificate

Wood Processing Excellence Award (Individual)
- Certificate

Construction Excellence
- Certificate

Faller Excellence
- Certificate

Pavement Excellence
- Certificate

Industry Excellence

Woman in Forestry
- Certificate

Contractor of the Year (covers all supply chains including logging, roading, silviculture and distribution)

Outstanding Health & Safety Management Award

Outstanding Environmental Management Award

Outstanding Regional Development Award

Media & Promotion

As a sponsor of the EWC Forestry Awards your company will be associated with the event and the selected category by way of the following media and promotion material.


Formalised press statements will be sent out throughout the duration of the event from start to finish in:

  • Industry journals ie Logger Magazine
  • Company newsletters
  • Local radio and newspapers
  • National media newspapers


  • Nomination Forms
  • Advertisement posters and flyers
  • Trophy plaques
  • Certificate formats
  • Website
  • Website links to EWC members
  • Website link to Competenz
  • Banners & flags at Awards Dinner
  • Menu cards and tickets to Awards Dinner