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Wood is Good Education Programme

The Eastland Wood Council ‘s new Wood is Good forest industry education programme.

Dina Franetovic is our new Wood is Good regional programme coordinator, and her role is coordinating the delivery of the new programme to at least 8 schools across the region in 2021. The focus will be on East Coast and rural schools, who see log trucks every day, and communities where forestry employs the people.

The programme is a forest industry and road safety education programme, which focusses on the Fred The Forester books, and previous Share The Road programmes.

The Eastland Wood Council is part of a national roll out of the programme, led by Southern North Island Wood Council, supported by Te Uru Rakau.

The programme is bringing new branding, collateral and videos, emphasizing road safety ‘share the road’ messages along with education of the wider forest industry, hence the title “Wood is Good”.

The forest industry is a significant employer and contributor to the economy, so it is an opportunity to share more about the industry to the school children across the region. The Eastland Wood Council has committed extra funding to enable us to visit more schools, increase engagement with schools through forestry careers visits, truck visits, utilizing Fred the Forester books, rebranding and updating our “Share The Road” marketing and advertising campaign, including the sponsorship of hi viz vests for the schools we visit.

Dave Pardoe, Tairawhiti Road Transport Programme Manager, Ed Campbell, Driver, PHL, and Dina
Spike Edwards, Ernslaw One reading Fred the Forester
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