EWC Members

Kohntrol Forest Services

Kohntrol Forest Services Ltd has been providing management and consulting services for the forest industry for over 21 years.

Clients include major forest owners, promoters, log exporters, investors and farmers throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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Ernslaw One

Ernslaw One is a New Zealand softwood plantation company, committed to creating sustainable softwood forests, and delivering premium quality appearance grade wood for products desired by Pacific Rim consumers. We are the fourth largest forest owner in New Zealand, with forests located in a number of regions, including the Coromandel, Gisborne, Ruapehu and Manawatu/Rangitikei regions in the North Island, and Otago and Southland in the South Island.

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Juken New Zealand

JNL is a manufacturer of high quality wood panels, engineered wood and solid wood products made from trees grown in our own expertly managed sustainable forests. Our philosophy and business purpose is Wood For Life.

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Hikurangi Forest Farms

HFF has the objective of becoming an integrated company, to sustainably manage its forest resources, create wood processing opportunities and produce value added wood based products. 

HFF also recognises the value and importance of environmental responsibilities. To this end HFF is committed to maintaining Forest Stewardship Council™ Certification for all HFF owned or managed lands.

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P F Olsen

PF Olsen Group is a leading independent provider of forestry services in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team of forestry professionals works hard to maximize returns to forest owners from their investments in forestry.

We help with all aspects of forest establishment and growing, forest management, environmental protection and monitoring and harvesting and marketing.

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Eastland Port

Located right in the heart of Gisborne city, Eastland Port is the most easterly commercial shipping port in New Zealand. We are proud to be the country’s most efficient logging port. Log export volumes are booming – from 350,000 tonnes in 2005 to 2.3 million tonnes in 2015… and still growing.

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Forest Enterprises

Forest Enterprises is one of New Zealand's leading forestry investment companies. Since 1972, we have been helping New Zealanders grow their wealth through affordable direct investments in some of New Zealand’s most exceptional radiata pine plantation forests. For our 6,600+ individual investors we manage 70 forests and over 20,000 hectares, more than half of which comprises our Gisborne estate. In January 2016, we began a significant harvesting programme in the Gisborne region. This is managed full-time by a Forest Enterprises team of three, based at our new regional office in Gisborne city.

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Ngati Porou Forests Limited

Ngati Porou Forests Limited (NPFL) is a forest management company based in Ruatoria.  NPFL establishes and manages forestry joint ventures between Ngati Porou landowners and forest investors.  NPFL also manages Crown Forests on the East Coast. 

The vision of Ngati Porou Forests is "Kei te whenua te waiu mo nga whakatipuranga kei te whai ake".  (The land will provide sustenance for future generations).

Roger Dickie

Roger Dickie New Zealand Limited is at the forefront of New Zealand forestry. Formed in 1971, the company has established over 86 forests for investors.

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East Coast Lumber Limited

East Coast Lumber Ltd (ECLL) and associated Company Wairoa Timber Processors (WTP) are family owned companies producing Kiln Dried Lumber from Radiata Pine Pruned Logs.

Our goal is to expand our processing operations in conjunction with our Customers and the ever increasing volumes of high quality Radiata Pine being grown in the East Coast Region.


Crown Forestry

Crown Forestry is a commercial trading organisation managing the Crown's commercial forestry assets which sits within the Ministry for primary Industries. Its role is to prudently manage and administer this portfolio of forestry assets to achieve the best return for the Government and also meet the Crown's legal and contractual obligations. As a direct participant in the New Zealand forest industry, Crown Forestry stands apart from the fundamental policy, regulatory and service delivery roles of the Ministry for Primary Industries. Crown Forestry owns 15 forests in the North Island and one in the South Island. The total planted area is 14,294 hectares as at February 2017.

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Logic Forest Solutions

Logic Forest Solution specializes in pre-harvest operations including pre-harvest inventory, harvest planning and forest  engineering. We are also heavily involved in carbon establishment, management and measurement.

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FOMS offers professional, skilled and reliable forest harvesting, marketing and property management services  to private forest owners across the North Island of New Zealand. From forestry establishment through to harvest including: land development, establishment, silviculture and asset management through to harvest planning, road construction, harvest operations, log transport, marketing and sales. We work with you for the best result.

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Summit Forests NZ Limited

Summit Forests New Zealand Limited (Summit Forests) is a New Zealand registered subsidiary company of Sumitomo Corporation Japan and Sumitomo Australia PTY LTD. In March 2013 Summit purchased the former Juken New Zealand Limited Forest Estate (36,000 ha) within Northland. All local staff and contracts transferred across to the new company, bringing with them 24 years’ experience managing these forests.

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Pacific Forest Products (PFP) was incorporated in 2002 to provide log marketing and logistics services into the Asia Pacific, Indian and Middle Eastern Markets. The Group is employee owned and has a small highly experienced team of 23 staff, with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Gisborne in New Zealand, along with Portland in Australia. We are 100% employee owned which gives us a very strong focus on running an efficient business.

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